Things you dont want for Christmas | Euro Palace Casino Blog

things you dont want for Christmas | Euro Palace Casino Blog

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Things You Dont Want For Christmas | Euro Palace Casino Blog Video

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A shower is as easy as diving into the surrounding water, and your bed is the deck of the boat or the sand on the beach. But the love and sadness embodied by the Taj are never more palpable than during the full moon, when the complex is opened at night.

In Japan , spring sees the country gradually coated in a light pink shade, soft petals slowly clustering on their branches as if puffed through by some benevolent underground spirit.

The sakura- zensen , or cherry blossom front, flushes like a floral wave that laps the country from south to north and is followed ardently by the Japanese.

This is the largest salt lake in the world, capped by a thick, hard crust of salt, easily capable of supporting the weight of a car.

Whisky has been made here for centuries, with the bare hills, green glens and silvery lochs of the Highlands providing the perfect conditions.

Barley grows well thanks to rainy, misty days. Peat — dried and burnt to impart that smoky aroma — forms in the damp bogs.

These domed shelters were built by Inuit elders, who carved snowblocks from windswept snowdrifts, using skills passed on from their ancestors. Today, they continue to safeguard hunters as well as welcome adventure seekers.

Visitors can feast on caribou stew and frozen Arctic char before falling asleep to the sounds of kids throat-singing and the gentle flicker of the seal-blubber-fuelled qulliq lamp.

Wondrously unique yet as recognizable as the Eiffel Tower, Mont St-Michel , with its harmonious blend of natural and man-made beauty, has been drawing tourists and pilgrims alike to the Normandy coast for centuries.

Soaring some 80m up from the bay that bears its name, this glowering granite islet has an entire commune clinging improbably to its steep boulders, its tiers of buildings topped by a magnificent Benedictine abbey.

Each year several villages in La Rioja spend an entire day soaking each other in red wine. One of the truly great events of the Spanish summer, the Wine War La Batalla del Vino is a wine-fight of epic — and historic — proportions.

In theory, the townsfolk of Haro are battling it out with those of neighbouring Miranda de Ebro, but in the good-humoured but frantic battle that rages, there are no obvious sides, and no winners or losers.

Instead, the object is perfectly straightforward: On the unspoilt Faroe Islands, about km north of Scotland in the windswept, weather-tossed North Atlantic, heavy waves batter tall, chalky cliffs.

Come spring, pairs of puffins, their feathers ruffled from the raging sea, wash up on the island, standing proud and rubbing their beaks together in displays of matrimony.

The show has just begun. For the next four months, these curious seabirds will mate, nest and raise their offspring — all of which makes for great viewing.

Pompeii was famously buried by Vesuvius in 79 AD, and the result is perhaps the best-preserved Roman town anywhere, with a street plan that is easy to discern — not to mention wander — and a number of palatial villas that are still largely intact.

And while bourbon can be produced elsewhere, the spirit of the spirit resides in Kentucky, which is not only home to the finest distilleries, but also, according to local legend, its birthplace.

The best place to find out more is along the Bourbon Trail, a meandering route through the rolling hills of central Kentucky that links several distilleries and historic towns.

And locating the apes in their tangled and misty forest home is part of the thrill. A close-up encounter is practically guaranteed, but be warned — it can get tough.

If you can do this and still make it down for breakfast on the Sunday morning, you need never prove yourself again. Seriously endangered, sun bears live throughout Asia, but Borneo is their last stronghold.

See them at the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sepilok , the first of its kind, which aims to educate people about these wonderful animals.

There can be no doubt that the efforts directed towards their survival are more crucial than ever. When autumn knocks, the temperature drops and other resorts have shut up shop, one seaside town switches on.

Comprising around a million lights, the glittering display stretches six miles — and amazingly, the whole experience is free. And never mind if it rains — the lights look even more gorgeous shimmering in the puddles.

An unadulterated celebration of beer and Bavarian life, it attracts almost six million visitors and sees as many million litres of beer disappear in sixteen days.

An expanse of undulating, cave-pocked, tunnel-riddled rock at the centre of Turkey, Cappadocia is a landscape like no other.

The Pyramids at Giza were built at the very beginning of recorded human history, and for nearly five millennia they have stood on the edge of the desert plateau in magnificent communion with the sky.

The overwhelming impression is due not only to the magnitude of their age and size but also to their elemental form, their simple but compelling triangular silhouettes.

Seen at prime times — dawn, sunset and after dark — they form as much a part of the natural order as the sun, the moon and the stars. With the sun breaking over the horizon and warming chilly faces, the perfect serenity of this mode of transport is hard to beat.

If the skies are clear on your first day in Cape Town , drop everything and head straight for Table Mountain. If you think barbecue is a sloppy pulled-pork sandwich or a platter of ribs drowned in a sticky, sweet sauce, a Texan will happily correct you.

Thankfully, this austerity applies only to the substance — not the quantity — of the meat. Gut-busting excess is what makes barbecue truly American , after all.

In between walking the wilds, you can stay in pretty villages along the way. If you just ask for a beer in Belgium , your request will be met with a blank stare.

Because no one produces such a wide range of beers as they do here: A quiet revolution in that time-honoured Italian favourite — ice cream — has taken place in Rome over the last few years.

Order a suitably kooky combo — wasabi and chocolate, say, or basil, walnuts and honey— and hit the streets for the passeggiata.

Traditionally, Finns end their sauna by mercilessly plunging straight into the nearest lake or, in winter, by rolling in the icy snow outside — the intense searing cold that follows the sweltering heat creating a compelling, addictive rush at the boundary of pleasure and pain.

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from around the world try to evaluate the sheer dimension of this natural miracle — around individual cascades, the highest with a drop of over 80m — and usually fail.

This enormous public tomato fight sees , kilos of over-ripe tomatoes hurled until the streets are ankle deep in squishy red fruit. That the fiord makes even the most cumbersome and colossal cruise ship look small is an indication of just how impressive the scale is here.

But only getting out on the water will give you a true sense of its majestic beauty — to really get up close, and access spots that no cruise ship could ever reach, head out on a kayak.

On festival night, these are lit and set afloat with prayers of thanks to the water goddess, in whose honour this festival is held.

The sight of hundreds of bobbing lights drifting away on the breeze, taking with them any bad luck accrued over the past year, is beautiful. What could be simpler than a caipirinha?

Most will have everything you need to create a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet. They will come with beading wire, clasps and crimps, and beads.

You might also be interested in getting some polymer clay so that you can make your own beads. If you are into DIY, you might like a soap or candle-making kit.

You could also ask for supplies for a basic DIY project, such as chalkboard paint, mason jars, burlap, twine, and paint brushes.

If you like to draw, you could ask for a set of graphite or charcoal pencils, a sketchbook, and a how-to-draw book. These books come on just about every subject, from people to plants and trees to animals.

Some even focus on specific animals, such as birds, cats, dogs, or horses. If you like fantasy creatures, then there are books on how to draw mermaids, fairies, elves, and dragons.

There are even books on how to draw anime. If you like to paint, consider an art set. Many arts and crafts stores sell sets that come in wooden or metal cases.

You can get them with artist-grade acrylic, oil, or watercolor paints. Some sets may also including a how-to-paint book, some art paper, or a canvas.

If you like knitting or crochet, you don't have to limit yourself to just plain old yarn. You would treat yourself to some fancier, more expensive yarn with different fibers and textures.

There are also many pattern books available that you might like as well. Think about accessories for your electronics.

Things like computers, phones, and tablets are always updating, and what is new one year will be old and outdated the next.

Accessories, such as cases and earphones, however, won't get old as fast and could last you much longer. Here are some ideas: If you have a phone or tablet, ask for a protective case.

They can often be personalized with your name, a design, or an image. Headphones, speakers and other smaller items can enhance a device you already have.

You might also like something nostalgic, such as a new turntable to play your record collection. Look into jewelry or accessories if you like fashion.

Jewelry can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. You can get many beautiful, handmade pieces on artist websites, such as Etsy, and at craft fairs.

Look through your jewelry collection and see if there anything you wish you to complete an outfit, such as a brooch, bracelet, or necklace. If jewelry isn't your thing, you could always ask for a special hat or bag.

Here's a few more ideas for you: When asking for jewelry, consider getting a full set: If you already have a lot of jewelry but nothing to keep it in, you could ask for a jewelry box instead.

If you are a man, you can always ask for a tie pin, cuff-links, or even a new watch. Belts and wallets can make great gifts.

If you get them in leather, you might be able to get them customized; some leather can be stamped with a design or letters. Keep makeup, bath, and beauty products in mind if you like to pamper yourself.

Just be sure to list your favorite colors, shades, and scents as these can be personal. Like jewelry, makeup does not take up a lot of space, and it can be used almost very day.

Many makeup companies offer gift sets that include a makeup bag, eye shadow, lipstick, and blush. Bath and beauty stores often offer gift baskets that include lotion and soap.

Some even include things like bath bombs, salts, and bubbles. If you like to use expensive moisturizers or perfumes, your birthday is a great chance to ask for these.

Ask for sports memorabilia to support your favorite team. Most sports teams have online gift shops. They are a great place to start looking. If your favorite team is playing near your town around your birthday, see if you can get a ticket to their game.

Here are some more ideas: Ask for jersey, hat, or sweatshirt that you can wear to games to show your support.

If you want to show your support in the workplace, try searching for business-appropriate attire instead, such as: If you like to host parties to watch, ask for things like a themed bowl.

They could add a personal touch to your party. You could also ask for items that would allow you to play a sport, such as athletic apparel, specialized shoes, rackets, or balls.

Expand your horizons as a bookworm. If you have a favorite author or genre, ask for the latest book in a series. The New York Times bestseller list can help you find the most popular books in a variety of genres.

Let the giver know what your tastes. Maybe he or she has read something you would enjoy. Ask for an e-reader; this will allow you to carry all your favorite books, wherever you go.

If you already own an e-reader, ask for a special cover for your reader. You can also ask for a gift certificate so that you can buy more e-books.

If you have a favorite book, see if you can find a canvas book bag or a poster that features the cover. You might even find a print of the book cover on a shirt, mug, or even mouse pad.

If you have a favorite quote about reading or from a favorite author, look online to see if it is available on a poster, mug or other object.

Ask for toys and games if you are a child or a child at heart. If you already own a few figures from a certain set, ask for more figures so that you can finish your collection.

If you like playing games, you might like board games or card games like Uno, Clue, or Apples to Apples. Older players may enjoy strategy games like Ticket to Ride, or parlor games like Cards Against Humanity.

You might also be interested in model kits. Some are simple, and only require you to snap together the parts.

There is no glue or painting involved. Some kits are more advanced; you have to glue the parts together and paint them. You can buy models kits of cars, airplanes, ships, helicopters, and motorcycles.

You could even buy space ships from popular science fiction films, such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Cater to your geek side.

If you like a show, book series, or video game, you could ask for merchandise from that. For example, you could ask for a wand from Harry Potter, a figure or model from Lord of the Rings or a t-shirt from your favorite video game.

You might also want to add to your collection of DVDs or books. Here are a few more ideas: Fans of video games may enjoy a Minecraft backpack or pajamas with the Crest of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda.

If you like to cosplay, you could ask for a wig or accessories to finish your latest work. You can also ask for a gift card to your favorite fabric or arts and crafts store so that you can buy materials to make your cosplay.

Ask for posters or action figures of your favorite character, comic book, movie, or video game. If you like to read manga, ask for the newest books in the series.

If you like anime, ask for the latest episodes on a DVD; some studios also make movies based on the series. Consider getting a book featuring the artwork and concept art from your favorite video game, comic book, manga, or anime.

Ask for a handmade gift. These gifts are often more personal and special than store-bought gifts. The person might even be flattered that you think their talents are gift-worthy.

Handmade gifts are both unique and special, and sure to stand out. Here are some things you could ask for: If you know someone who likes to knit, see if they are willing to make you a scarf or hat.

If you know someone who sews, see if they might be willing to make you a new bag. If one of your friends likes to make soaps or candles, see if they could make you a set.

Ask for a gift card to your favorite store. Sometimes, your favorite store may not be carrying something that you like at the moment. A gift card will allow you to set money aside to spend at that store when you do find something that you like.

Some people do not like giving gift cards. If this happens, ask them if they could go with you to the store to buy that special gift when the time comes.

Ask for trip if you like to travel. If the budget is more limited, ask to spend a day with the giver. It can be as simple as going out to a meal or to a museum in your town.

Here's some more ideas: Visit another country or state you have always wanted to go to. If you don't know where to go, you could always close your eyes and point to a spot on a map.

Open your eyes, and visit wherever your finger is pointing to. Go on a cruise. Oftentimes, cruises also allow you to go on land and tour; you are not always stuck on a boat.

Go to the park. It can be as simple as your local neighborhood park. It can also be a state or national park.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to go camping alone, so you might want to bring a buddy or two. Ask for something active if you are a thrill seeker.

Much like traveling, these sorts of experiences need some planning. In many cases, they will also need some equipment as well. They can, however, be combined with traveling.

For example, if you go to a tropical island, you might also want to try scuba diving. If you decide to go camping, you might also want to try visiting some caves or go hiking.

Here's some more ideas for you to consider: Pamper yourself with a trip to the spa on your birthday. Many spas offer extra-special treatments, such as fancy pedicures complete with salts, oils, and an extra long massage.

If you don't like pedicures, you might like a massage or a facial with a mud mask. Be sure to schedule your appointment in advance, as some of the more popular spa centers get their spots filled up fast.

See if you can learn a new skill on your birthday. Many businesses offer gift certificates to learn a new skill, such as dancing, martial arts, painting, or woodworking.

You can also see if you can spend the day learning a special skill from a family member. Your grandmother may be delighted to teach you how to bake a cake or cook a favorite dish.

And the best part is that you can eat what you cook after you are done. If you like beading, cake decorating, crochet, knitting, or painting, visit an arts and crafts store.

Many of them offer classes in these areas. Some community centers also offer classes in areas such as pottery, weaving, and music.

Ask for a visit to a museum. They are great gifts for those who enjoy art or history. Many museums are themed, and focus on a certain type of history such as ancient Egyptian or Medieval or a certain type of art such as Asian or French Impressionist.

Think about what interests you, and see if there is a museum that features your interests. If history or art aren't your think, you might be interested in a sports or music hall of fame.

You might also enjoy visiting a wax museum or a museum that focuses on technology and innovation. Visit an aquarium or zoo if you like wildlife.

Most of the time, you only have to pay an entrance fee, and can spend as much time as you want. Some zoos and aquariums may allow you to get up close and personal with some of the animals for an additional fee.

If you are interested in this, visit your local zoo or aquarium's website, and see if this is an option.

Ask for a ticket to a concert if you like music or performing arts. Sometimes, the memories of an event can outlast any physical gift.

Many theaters and concert halls may also have gift shops that sell posters, CDs, and shirts that you can buy to help you remember the experience even more.

See if your favorite band is playing close to you, and ask for a ticket to their concert. You can make the experience even more special by asking for a VIP pass, so that you can meet your favorite band members and have them sign items for you.

If you like classical music, you might be interested in attending a concert with a live orchestra. If you like singing and dancing, you might enjoy watching a musical.

If you like performing arts, but without the singing or dancing, try a play instead. Ask for a ticket to an anime or comic book convention.

Keep in mind, however, that if this convention is out of town, and if you will be staying there overnight, you may need a place to stay there. Many hotels that host the conventions offer special prices on rooms.

If anime or comic books aren't your thing, you might be interested in a Renaissance Faire instead. They are usually open only on weekends, so you do not need to stay there overnight.

They are a great way to immerse yourself in history and fantasy. If you have a favorite author or illustrator, see if he or she is holding a reading or signing in your area.

Not only will you be able to meet someone you adore, but you may also walk away with an autograph. Celebrate your birthday with dining out at your favorite restaurant.

An experience doesn't always have to be active. It can also be as simple as enjoying good food with friends and family.

Choose a restaurant that you love, or that you have always wanted to go to. Ask for a donation to be made in your name. Sometimes, the gift of giving may feel more rewarding than the gift of receiving.

Think about some things that you are passionate about, and try to find an organization that supports that.

Things you dont want for Christmas | Euro Palace Casino Blog -

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